I Was Here

Living for me.

Giving to other people.


Reflecting on who I am.

Reflecting on what I stand for.

Showing up.

Being courageous.

Being my unique self.

Being love.

In the snapshots of my life I think of kissing my babies; I think of being held close when I was little; I feel the strings of love woven throughout the memories; I see sand; I see sun;  I see endless laughter; blue skies; special smiles; tears of joy; I feel worthy; I feel an immense pull in the right direction; I feel a nod from heaven and a nod within myself. That I am on the right path. That I am fulfilling my destiny and choosing to enjoy my life for the gift it is. Following my happiness and laughter; refusing to worry about things that are beyond control; my arms reach into an embrace filled with the people I love and who love me back. I am blessed beyond belief. The immense privelage of being a Mother. I see the world; enjoying it one country at a time.  Experiencing life-affirming joy; heartbreak; emotional upheaval; breakthroughs and earth-shattering love.

This is life.

My life.

And I’m thankful. So thankful.



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