How To Turn Crazy Into Beautiful

At 5:18am my oldest child decided to cry in his bed. Loudly.

This was instead of coming into our room. He just waited until we went and got him.

But it was too late. The baby was awake and at that time in the morning there was very little chance of him going back to sleep.

Four in a Queen bed does not equal comfortable.

Or condusive to sleep.

Each time one of us got close, we were kicked, poked or elbowed.

So there was yelling. There was pushing. There was shoving.

Until I’d had enough.

Time to get up and sort them out but I was not happy about it.

I had that pent up, I-just-wanna-scream frustration. I’d gone to bed early for the last five nights since the virus but I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of being worn out and pale.

So today I turned crazy into beautiful by:

1. Getting my wholefoods on: porridge, honey and fruit for the kids, omlette with veges for me and a green juice for all.

2. Hugging my husband: I trapped the kids downstairs and just let myself be enveloped in a big hug for a couple of blissful minutes

3. Doing something that makes me happy: Beach trip! Sitting by the ocean, feeling small in comparison but awed by the wonder of nature

4. Letting go: Instead of my usual frenzied clean before the cleaner, I just shoved everything in a cupboard. House perfection can be on tomrrow’s to-do-list

5. Getting other people do your affirmations for you: I told my husband I prefer that he leave and approach me with a, “bye sexy” and a “hi sexy”. It makes me smile.



How do you turn crazy into beautiful? I’d love to know xx



  1. My day started exactly the same, I think it was 5.07am! I almost felt sick at the thought of having to get up that early this morning! Four of us in bed, although we do have a King Size now which helps….. Not sure I turned ALL the crazy into beautiful today…. but i am going to remember this next time…. next time when the wails start before the clock strikes 6!

    1. oh no!! Well this day has actually turned out pretty damn great. First sleep for Jules in a month, a four hour sleep for Leo…the cleaner has been and gone and I found a Paul McKenna hypnotherapy book on my shelf that I haven’t reaed (my hubby got it as a secret santa pressie) – with a CD! Did you see my comment about stand up paddle boarding on your page? I need a buddy….no one i have talked to is keen. I just want to go on one lesson as a bit of fun…

  2. I get into a real huff when one of the kids wake that early, and then wake the other one up. Last week i tried my very best at turning crazy into beautiful, by sneaking into the guest bedroom for a little snooze after I thought I’d settled them both back to sleep for another hour. It didn’t work. They found me.
    Love how you turned crazy into beautiful! 😉

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