How To Treat Your Body Better

Our bodies require so very little of us to keep functioning, not compared to what it gives.

To keep it running it requires from you: sleep, sunshine, fresh air, a little movement and some nutrition.

Our culture forgets to give thanks for what we have been given. We like to take shortcuts, reduce our giving to the absolute minimum and then wonder why it won’t perform like it should…used to…could do.

I watched a beautiful video yesterday of a kindergarten in Japan that had no walls. It was outside, with some shelter and a lot of openness and the kids ran wild. Literally. Something like 3km in the first hour of the day.

We are meant to run, we are meant to move, we are meant to be free. Movement opens our lungs, pulses fresh blood through our veins and encourages our lymphatic system to drain waste from the toxic things we are consuming.

I also read an article that mental health issues could be treated in the future with nutritional plans, because research is showing that the mind improves when the fuel its given improves.

Our body has been incredibly designed and then put here on earth, along with everything it needs to flourish. Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meat, nuts, pulses, legumes. We can get through this life now eating packaged food from the supermarket – we give them to our children. These foods have more chemicals than ingredients….just pick up the pack and look at the ingredients list. Even most of our supermarket breads contain more chemicals than real stuff.


When we become conscious of this fact – the answer seems simple. Our bodies are designed to consume the fresh stuff its been given here on earth. Give it to yourself. Give it to your children.

Our bodies are designed to move, if you do not have an active job – take a walk on your lunch break. If you are not the kind of person who loves running or going to the gym then try more gentle movement.

Yoga is designed to take the body through it’s entire range of movement. Backwards, forwards, sideways and upside down. It cleanses the body using breath and body heat to rid it of toxins. Yoga can be gentle, it can be intense and it can be life-affirming.


We are here to be happy, we are here to be joyful, we are here to give love.

Consciousness is the first step towards changing the status quo. Awareness is what sheds light on our ignorance.

See you on the mat.

Namaste xx

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