How To Stay Zen

(When your husband leaves you…to go back to work)

1. Let The Children Take Over

Our architecturally designed home – with the ten metre lap pool and massive room for the pool table and bar –  is no longer.

I had compromised my lap pool before we built, after we got pregnant with our first, but my husband’s dream withstood a few pregnancies, toddlerhood and a baby.

Leo’s first birthday (the sheer volume of toys) tipped the scales in the kid’s favour – it was time.

From Pool room to Playroom in 24 hours.


Our pool table was bought and taken out early on New Year’s Day. That afternoon my husband took off in a frenzy of activity with a trip to Ikea and the sub-sequential “putting together” of furniture…not a bad effort for one day.


2. Invite Friends Over and “Duck Out” 

If you can grocery shop with two children in under half an hour – imagine what you can do child-free in ten minutes!

3. Hold Your Breath

It’s sort of like meditation, sort of like deep breathing for calm except you hold it for as long as you can and close your eyes at the same time. It will save you saying words to your children their little ears should never be exposed to.

4. Have A Swim

Sound like a tiring activity? Leave the children on the outside of the pool gate, telling them you will be “just a minute”. You can’t hear the whining under water and don’t have to go through all the effort of getting them dressed/undressed/dry for a two minute swim.

5. Last Resort

If your eyes keep closing you need this:

If you keep yelling you need this:

And if that doesn’t work




  1. Lol…you are so funny. We have just reorganised our playroom too – well the whole house actually! The whole lot fits in to one of those ikea expedit bookshelves and at the end of the day it takes me five minutes to pack it!

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