How To Stay Sane And Keep The Kids Happy

Ok, so this is not the planned Paleo post.

Shrugging off guilt now.

Haven’t done my meal plan yet…instead I had a fabulous girl’s weekend away and spent last night with my hubby on our anniversary.

Today I raced from kids sport to lunch with my Gran and home again in time for Leo’s nap.

I have a few emails to get through. One says Book Draft!!!

Awesome. I race through the book, noticing the many things I need to fix and amend and then make a few phone calls. Some serious work to be done.

It’s 2pm. I’m drained and I physically can’t go on. I’ve promised Julian a game of cards and some time spent drawing together.

I set him up with the computer and head upstairs for ten minutes.

I meditate.

I come back refreshed and happy. We play a few rounds of Old Maid (read my post Go Figureย for the frustratingly gorgeous illustration of our game) and then Leo wakes up.

Kitchen is a disaster – house has low level grossness (dog hair to vacuum – kids clothes and toys strewn as far as the eye can see) but I cuddle Leo and finish my game with Julian who is smiling from ear to ear after his win. I feel love wash over me and a general happy vibe from everyone.

I can then send them to the playroom with some fruit and tackle the house.

The turning point?


I kid you not. Do it.

If you are a Mother – do it.

If you are tired – do it.

If you can’t physically go on – do it.

You don’t have to do it properly. Just stick on a guided meditation (free apps on iphone) and away you go.

Too many thoughts?

Just stay there. It doesn’t matter.

Your body is switching off. Going to another frequency. Repairing and refreshing.

It’s the best thing I do.

It has no side effects.

It keeps me sane.

Better than sane it keeps me calm.

Do it.



Photo by Dana Gallop Gallery


What stops you from meditating? How can I help you over come it?ย 


  1. I used to do it when you guys were young and I was busy establishing a career on top of running you two to tai kwon do etc ,feeling tired at the moment , might get back into it with your encouragement.xx

    1. Thanks Kathleen. I honest feel amazing. Now, for me at least , it’s about easing up on the meat and eating a lot more freshness going into spring and summer.
      Can’t wait for the fresh melons and its almost strawberry season!

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