How To Stay Healthy While Holidaying….

It’s sooo hard.

Your routine is out of whack, what you usually eat may not be on hand and your not home enough to cook and prepare three square meals.

So what do you do?

Let it go.

For a couple of days at least…but if you are anything like me then you start to feel off and want to get back on track.

I also need to completely re-set the kids when this holiday period is over and get them back on the non-sugared wagon.

So after a couple of crazy Christmas days I put a few things in place which really helped….

Pre-packed salads – I haven’t had much time to shop and my usual organic fruit and veg delivery has been suspended for the Christmas period so I bought a few of these ready made beauties for instant meal satisfaction.


Fruit – Every time I get to the shops I stock up…the most amazing fruit is in season so the kids are snacking on blueberries, grapes, mangoes, kiwi fruit and watermelon. Just the thing to keep them cool and stop them bugging me for their next meal sooner than I’d like.

Noni – At least if the rest of my diet consists of bbq sausages and glasses of champagne I get the vitamins and minerals my body needs. No preparation like a juice or smoothie, just a quick shot without the messy clean up.

Juices – When I get the time I just throw in whatever I have. This guarantees that the kids (who won’t shoot Noni) get some nutrition as well.

Smoothies – When I don’t have any fresh fruit or veg on hand I do usually have some superfoods hanging around. Chia, cocoao nibs, maca, spirulina, acai…whatever is there I’ll throw in with a banana and some coconut water or almond milk.

Sleep – Take this time to get some shut eye. With my husband home we’ve been taking turns getting up and it’s sooo nice. Holidays are a time of rejuvenation so make sure you get some rest.

Sunshine – For those in the southern hemisphere this is the time to stock up on Vitamin D. Even though the sun is harsh, get out in the morning or late in the afternoon to spend some time outdoors and out of the air conditioning. I always find I feel so pleasantly invigorated after a morning at the beach or an afternoon at the park.

Vitamin B – Alcohol depletes your body of this vitamin which is important for energy. So stock up on a good quality supplement before and after a big night. I had a big night very early on in the Christmas celebrations so have been pretty careful since then to take it easy on my poor liver. Thank goodness it regenerates itself, clever little organ.

Hope some of these tips help you in recuperating from any holiday damage that might have been done and take you forward with some easy health tips into the New Year.

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