How To Re-Balance (On A Monday)

Where to start?

After a week of illness, the resulting deflation of spirit and no will to pick myself up – I feel out of balance.

Three nights of going out and take-away for dinner plus a few champagnes at a birthday party and using wine as happiness juice has thrown me.

Today, being Monday, the traditional day of reaffirming intentions – I thankfully feel better and my motivation is back.

But being a Mother – how do we use this energy and motivation in the best way possible?

Without kids I think today I would have used it to make another dream board, I would go for a run, I would meditate for half an hour, I would write the three articles and blogs running round in my head, I would try a few of the grain-free bread recipes I found (you can read my article on how to reduce your gluten in-take here) , I would shop for a few wardrobe essentials and I would clean out a few drawers. But that would be too easy.

Of course I have both of them home today (one is crying at my leg right now – after failing in his attempt to climb me) and we have a million kid-orientated things to do.

So I need short-cuts. Some get-in-balance quick fixes.

1. I put Leo to sleep and spent two minutes visualising my life as I want it to be and then five minutes meditating on the floor in my bedroom (I pretended not to notice Julian screaming out from downstairs – “Mum! Where are you?”)

2. To get some life back into me I got out my personalised bush essences blend and dropped it under my tongue (to read about bush essences visit thenaughtynaturopathmum)

3. I got out some superfoods and made a smoothie – maca (energy, balance and libido), mesquite powder (protein, calcium etc) acai berries (antioxidants) and coconut water (hydration and electrolytes)

4. I took a shot of noni (immunity boost), a shot of Brain On (lifted and brightened mood, focus and clarity)

5. I made lunch, whilst preparing dinner and a soup….also getting out my spirooli to cut up a whole lot of vegetables for salad…in case I’m feeling tired later.


6. I put the grain-free recipes in my too hard basket for today 🙂

7. I’ve assigned shopping to our upcoming Spain trip (thanks to my awesome Mother-in-law we are flying off in a couple of weeks).

8. I’ve tried not to freak out by the fact I am going to have a four year old on Friday! Plus all the subsequent preparations for his little party, presents etc that I need to get done this week.

9. I have delegated my freak out about my Wellness Retreat speech until next week, when Julian’s birthday celebrations are done and dusted.

10. I have made plans to walk to school with the dogs and kids, in an effort to increase our (Julian, the dogs, me)  incidental exercise and get out in the fresh air more.

So to Re-Balance I suggest: 

1. Finding foods and supplements that work for you to improve mood and overall health

2. Delegate and re-book the things that can be done later

3. Focus on getting things done in advance if you have the energy

4. A little of something you love (reading, meditation, chocolate) is better than none at all so treat yourself

5. When all else fails play hide and seek with the kids and hide in your bed, under the covers

How do you rebalance? What are the tools in your box? 


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