How To Keep It Together

School’s back.


The whole world has got back into the swing of routine and holiday days are long forgotten.

But I’m still adjusting. Still trying to get into the swing of a five-day school week, with a toddler and a growing belly. Deciding what is right for me and our family and trying to keep it together.

Last week I couldn’t find any pajama shorts for Julian. They were in that haze between washing, on the line and piles of clothes to put away. In short, they were usually MIA when I needed them.

Ditto day shorts for Leo, underwear for me and anything remotely comfortable for a 24 week pregnant lady.

I was too tired to play catch up.

Lunches were rice cakes and honey for Julian and a whole lot of different fruit. I was thrilled to get organic blueberries and organic seedless grapes for the first time this season. He was happy but it didn’t feel good enough.

I also felt blah.

Whether it was holiday comedown, exhaustion, pregnancy hormone fluctuations, I don’t know, but it is hard to get through the day when you don’t feel motivated – hence the washing pile up and food shopping shortage.

The feeling, when in it, feels like it is going to last forever and you have that panic of, “How will I ever get on with this and get everything done?”

But the feeling does finish and everything eventually gets done. Sometimes in one day, in a burst of amazing energy and inspiration. For those slower days…how can we make it easier on ourselves?

Five Ways To Keep It Together: 

1. Pre-cooked meals. A freezer full of dinners and a fridge full of pre-cooked sushi rice, quinoa and cut up salad ingredients would be heaven.

2. Ask for help. Get hubby to put on a load of washing or put away what has been done but not put away.

3. Get in to a routine. Maybe a wash load a day would help unburden the build up of work in the laundry. Perhaps thought to meals with less dishes and clean up. Some clearing of clutter so life in general is easier.

4. Unburden yourself. Maybe you have too many responsibilities and can unload some? Get the kids packing up their toys and getting themselves dressed. Put hubby in charge of something that will make a difference to you – if he puts them to bed – will that give you more time for you? Get some take-away when needed and maybe don’t think about doing all the washing and maybe just make it your mission to find the clothes that are essential to wash!

5. Accept what is. We got through the week despite Julian sleeping in undies and Leo wearing the same shorts over and over. I found outfits to wear and just got on with it.  With the knowledge that I am still a great Mum, a great person and with kindness to myself, I accept what is.

And you should too. 





  1. Great said! I nodded the whole way through this blog. Thanks for inspiring me to make life a little easier for myself

  2. Beautiful post, thanks you. I would also add a couple of things: get outside where you can’t see the chaos and try to laugh more, even if you feel like a demented crazy person. I think you’re incredible for just getting out of bed!

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