How To Get Your Mama Mojo Back

We are pushing ourselves up one hell of a hill.

Not only are our expectations of ourselves greater but we have Mummy bloggers (apologies) and pinners crafting and baking and photographing all these beautiful meals, outings and fun times that our kids ARE NOT HAVING.


Better get out the baking gear or my children will be traumatized.

Better learn to sew or what the hell are people going to think of my store bought kids costumes.

Better make some funny home-made present that the kids “helped” with or else I will be deemed “Bad” Mother.

Let’s chill.

People are good at different things. I love making up stories for my kids. But don’t feel guilty f you don’t. I love taking my kids to the beach but if your opposed to sand up your bum, in your car and on your kitchen floor,  I don’t recommend it.

I like to green juice but there is a hell of a mess afterwards, plus it takes time and effort. Your kids might get the same amount of nutrients eating the zucchini slice you just whipped up.

We are all so different so how do we expect our child rearing values and actions to be the same?

You know what the problem is?


In an era of media and knowledge saturation we’ve lost the ability to trust our instincts and just “be”.

So how do we get the confidence to just be ourselves?

I’ve just finished the book Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna, the world famous hypno-therapist. He writes that just by changing our habits and our mind we can achieve anything we want.

That includes banishing the “guilt” forever and embracing who we are.

It’s a great book with different techniques to use on getting the life you desire and I highly recommend a read. It comes with a Hypnotism CD that I haven’t started yet.

So…five steps to getting your mojo back from me and Paul:

1. Visualise Your Dream Self

Visualise the best version of yourself, the one who has reached those goals and dreams. What do they look like? How do they feel? What do they do differently to yourself.

Then hang out with that person for a few minutes a day in your mind.

2. What You Practice You Become

No-one but yourself is stopping you from being that Mum with the yoga mat you see going back and forth from school pick-up or the one who is baking up a storm in her kitchen everyday. If it is what you desire then just get out of bed everyday and take one more step towards being the person you want to be.

Paul says we must imagine ourselves already doing these things. Just as an athlete visualises his steps and then his win.

3. Forget the Fear

What is the worst thing that could happen by trying to achieve your goals. You don’t meet them? You don’t get there in the time-frame you envisioned? People judge you.

Imagine that happening and then think about whether those outcomes are actually bad enough to stop you starting anyway. Then imagine all the success and happiness you can glean from achieving your goals.

4. Start Complimenting Yourself

Get out of bed with a, “Morning gorgeous!” Slide your jeans over your strong legs, wink at your sparkling eyes and brush your silky hair. Keep going and eventually you will believe yourself.

When you feel worthy you won’t worry about what other people think.

5. Where Will You Be A Year From Now? 

As Mums maybe we can only vision as far ahead as the next meal but it’s really important to remember that you are a person. A person worthy of achieving your goals and dreams.

Whether those dreams are going to a dance class once a week and feeling fit and healthy or running a company, it doesn’t matter. You still need to take the time to think, to plan, to dream, otherwise you lose yourself in the mundane tasks of everyday.

See yourself in any light you want to.

For me I see myself getting a fiction novel published, celebrating the success of my e-book and subsequent website and blog, speaking at different events and inspiring Mums to be the best version of themselves. I go to Yoga regularly, I get outside my comfort zone and partake in different adventures and I am the kind of Mum who takes time for herself to go to wellness retreats and rejuvenate.

I would love to hear your dreams? Drop me a line and tell me! 

Paul says it makes you more accountable for making it happen. Telling someone and taking action steps towards those dreams significantly increases them becoming reality.  


  1. My dream is totally to study nutrition at the INN and help families get on a realistic path to well being! I think as I get older, I am making choices about what suits me as opposed to what expectations I feel placed upon me -hence, the no Easter chocolate making!

    1. That is awesome!! One of my friends is studying through them at the moment. It only takes a year. Start tomorrow and in a year’s time you will be there! I think with age comes increased confidence as you are feeling more yourself and certain that you are choosing the right path for you….so i think by fast tracking the confidence part you can get some of the wisdom that comes with age…can’t wait to start the hypnosis CD!!
      PS you are already helping families through your blog xx

  2. Oh thank you, I really needed this! I am so not crafty, and I am really feeling like a bad mum, reading all these blogs. You have made me feel better. x

  3. This a great post, I might have a look at getting that book. I actually really love the place I am in now and worry sometimes about changes that will mean we have more money but less of what I love. My now is awesome, my future more scary. A great post.

  4. So funny, we both blogged similar sentiments today – “think it and it will be yours!” Love reading about how we can go about it practically, wish I had read this before I published as would have linked it in! Lol! great minds….xxx Will share later in the week xxxx

  5. A wonderful, and timely post! I’m so caught up in Mama I can’t see me anymore amongst the washing piles and unwashed hair! I want to get healthy, really build up my handmade business and get my blog out there too.
    I used to be super good at setting and meeting goals. Hey, visualisation got me my ultimate dream, to live in Los Angeles, so I know anything is possible if you just put your mind to it! xxx

    1. That’s awesome. It is totally worth sitting down and doing a vision board or even just geting a clear picture of what you want in your mind. You’ve done it hear by listing your intentions!

  6. I had a dream to sell my bento items I use in my lunches… I am now doing that.. I also have a list I read every day.. Wake up, Shower, Put on some perfume, Put on some lipstick and smile.. That way I know if I have to run out the door I am looking halfway decent 🙂

  7. Great post!! It is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, and feel guilty. We are definitely all so different, as are our kiddos! I don’t even know what my dreams are right now!! Just trying to get through one week at a time! x Karen #TeamIBOT

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