How To Find Magic In Your Life

I went to see La Soiree on Friday night and  I was in absolute awe of the acts and what they could do – from just getting up in front of an audience and being funny to hula hooping with their legs, to blowing smoke into bubbles.

I just thought,  “Thank god they followed their curiosity.”

Thank god that they didn’t pack in the bubble blowing when they were five, or give up hula hooping when it was no longer cool to do it in high school. These amazing people kept pursuing what they enjoyed, what they loved to do and the result? Not ridicule, not embarrassment but inspired awe from the audience.

As we stared at these passionate people doing what they loved it gave us a feeling in our stomachs that we were watching magic. That right here in front of us were people pursuing their destinies, one passion at a time.

Why do we give up the joys of childhood?

At what point do we pack away our bikes for good, put the hoop in the Good Sammy’s bin and stop doing handstands?

I was at a yoga class on Thursday and 90 per cent of the people in the class couldn’t do a handstand. As someone who loves handstands and who did gymnastics as a child I don’t find it hard but I bet as a kid they did this too. They would have spent hours upside down, walking on their hands and showing off to their parents and friends. Having competitions to see who could do it best, stay up the longest…but then we forget to play, we forget how fun it is and the ability is gone.

The magic that is sprinkled over us in childhood that claims life is wonderful, life is for play, you can do anything you want if you try hard enough, disappears.

My little boy Julian learned to ride a bike last week and all I could think was, “He is so brave.”

He didn’t even think about the fact that he didn’t have to do it. It was scary, exciting and something he just had to do. He fell off and you could tell it hurt but he got up, time and time again, with a determined smile on his face.

I am in awe of him. I am in awe of my almost two year old who took less than a week to learn how to sleep through the night. If only we’d taught him sooner! I am in awe of my four year old who scootered off to school today and only last year claimed his legs were much too tired to do the same thing.

We learn. We grow. We believe. It happens.

It’s still happening to us. Even though we are older. Even though we are no longer children and maybe do not believe in the immense possibilities of life anymore.

But we should.

We should always be learning.

Always be trying.

Always be inspired by something. Even if it’s small. Even if it seems silly, or embarrassing or age inappropriate.

At the start of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. She writes that she is most inspired by a friend, who at the age of 40 decided that she would start figure skating again, just like she loved to do as a child. This friend didn’t make any other radical life changes, no job quitting or spouse leaving, she just decided to get some joy back in her life by doing something she loved.

Follow your heart. Follow your curiosity. Follow your joy.

Let it lead you. You don’t need to be the best, be a professional at it or even be good!

Just show up.

10 “Silly” Things to Try

  1. A”bombie” or dive in the pool
  2. Ride a bike “look no hands”
  3. A handstand, cartwheel, round-off, the splits
  4. Spinning round on metal bars
  5. Ice-skating
  6. Catch bubbles
  7. Hula Hooping
  8. Back flips into the pool
  9. Racing someone – running, swimming, riding, swinging
  10. Anything at all you loved as a kid


10 Reasons To Do Something “Silly”

  1. Your kids will love it
  2. You will feel exhilarated
  3. Embarrassment is trumped by joy every time
  4. To laugh
  5. To reconnect with your inner child
  6. To inspire your children
  7. To make mistakes and laugh them off
  8. To feel free of societal restrictions
  9. To inspire yourself out of your comfort zone
  10. To foster curiosity


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  1. Yes , would have loved to have continued my twirling around the bars , I spent hours doing it , also loved playing badminton , wasn’t so good at it but loved hitting that shuttlecock !

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