How To Become One Healthy Mama

We have written a book for you!

We also put a website together as a tool to further your healthy endeavours and build a community of like-minded Mama’s.

Our website is now live!!!!

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I wrote this book after the stillbirth of my daughter Sophia. I realised that Sophia’s presence in my life was a blessing. A much needed shake-up of my life and a change to my perception of reality. I realised I have an amazing life.  I realised dreams are possible to achieve.  I realised that each and every one of us has more love in our lives than we know.

I have passed on this blessing to you. I’d love you to go over and check out our new website and the book and let me know what you think.

Why did we write the book How To Become One Healthy Mama? 

Because we walked into a healthy eating seminar that changed our lives.

We were horrified to hear that our healthy eating habits weren’t so healthy after all.

As Mother’s we know the time and effort it takes to make the meals in the first place – never mind the sacrifice to give up full fat items and eat things that taste as horrible as they sound. But….they are healthy.

Not so.

Most of the marketed “healthy” food out there is full of additives and preservatives and little real, whole food.

The seminar rocked our world and as we rocked our babies to sleep we started changing the way we shopped, what we stocked in our pantry and where we got the majority of our groceries from.

Guess what?

Real food tastes better. It’s better for your health, your waistline and your wallet.

Our book, How To Become One Healthy Mama, takes you through our journey from a conventional diet to an organic, toxin-reduced lifestyle.

We’ll walk you through the nastiest items on the shelves through to the most delicious. We will show you how to change over your pantry and tell you how our families took the news that their favourite items were no longer stocked in our kitchens.

We have recipes in there for you to follow and tips on how to lead an all-round healthier lifestyle.

We are so grateful that we made it to that seminar – it changed our lives and we want to pass on that blessing and change yours. Did we mention you will be eating delicious food?

The book is out very, very soon and we are super-excited to show it to you.

You can get a taste of our lifestyle and what we eat by having a look around our website and checking out the links to our favourite products and services.

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