How To Appreciate Your Husband This Valentines Day

If you are thinking, “He should be appreciating me.” Then you have the wrong attitude.

We get back what we give.

If you want to be appreciated – start appreciating him.

That guy that you married. 

The Father of your children.

The one who helps provide for your family. 

The one who spends his weekends improving your house. 

The one who spends his downtime bathing kids and putting away dishes.

The love of your life. 

I believe in Valentine’s Day.

I believe it is a beautiful opportunity to stop and reflect on the love you share with your husband. To give thanks for all you have and all you have been given.

And to focus on the good.

When you really get down to it – how beautiful is sharing your life with someone as great as him?

So don’t get him some stupid gift. Take time out for the two of you and do something together.

My man and I will be here:

Spending some quality time together; just him and me.

Couple time is so important because you can grow worlds apart growing your family – if you let the distance in.


Take time to connect.

Tell him who you are now that you are a Mother.

And listen when he tells you who he is.

The man of your dreams.



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