How To Amplify Your Life

It’s taken 33 years but I finally know that I am living the right life, the one that was meant for me.

I didn’t win the lotto.

I’m not constantly on holiday.

I haven’t taken a sea change.

I had a stillbirth in 2010. Months after I held my daughter for the first and last time in my arms, I could suddenly see clearer.

My life was about waiting to be happy – when we had a bigger family, when the kids were at school, when I was finally on that holiday, when we had a lot more money.

I learnt that you need to be content in the moment, with your life, with what you have – to be blissful.

Follow the steps below to amplify YOUR life.

No More Shoulds

“I should really go to that party.”

“I should go food shopping.”

“Ugh I should do the dishes.”

These are shoulds that are making the present moment droop.

You are resisting for a reason. Maybe your body needs to rest. Maybe you haven’t let yourself have any fun lately and life feels like a drudge.

Saying no is really saying yes to happiness. You will get around to the dishes later.

Love Yourself

“I hate my skin.”

“My legs are too short.”

“I talk too much.”

If you have this kind of dialogue going through your head on a daily basis then you need to start being kinder to yourself.

Kick your ego to the curb by killing it with love.

“I look gorgeous.”

“That was an awesome meal I made.”

“I am enough.”

Talk to yourself like you would your best friend. Be your biggest cheerleader.


You can’t really be living in total happiness if you think of someone and your whole body freezes up in anger.

Do whatever you can to let it go. I meditate on it but some people may fish or go for a run.

You don’t need to do anything about the situation but change your thoughts.

It feels awesome.

Live in the Present Moment

Right here, right now the bills don’t matter. They are only becoming a problem, in this moment, because you are thinking about them. Dedicate a time to address your problems, preferably when you have a lot of energy and focus. Schedule it in and then forget about it.

Who knows what the future holds?

By enjoying the now I find that I notice the little things.

How beautiful the sunshine is, how effervescent my kid’s laughter becomes and how different my outlook on life is when I’m not weighed down with problems I can’t solve yet.

Take Control Of Your Own Health

I used to nod when Doctor’s told me things. I took their word as gospel.

Anti-biotics for my kids cold? Sure.

Flu shot? If you say so.

This is what healthy eating looks like? Ok then.

I went to a seminar that changed the way I thought about food. I learned that chemicals, additives, preservatives cover the majority of our food and when I changed my diet, my health problems disappeared.

No more polycystic ovaries, no more ulcerative colitis and that foggy brain of mine cleared right up.

This made me question everything.

So now I research and trust my instincts.

Put some trust in yours.

Be Grateful 

Be thankful for what you do have instead of thinking about all the things you don’t have.

I believe that once we experience true gratitude we can see just how many blessings we have in our life.

Being grateful gives me a feeling on contentment, squashing that need for “more”.


Last but not least I found a way to pursue my passion of writing by starting a blog. Not only did my writing improve but I am inspiring people and learning to dream bigger.

Brene Brown, shame researcher and author, says, “Unused creativity is not benign. It gets metastasized as rage, judgment, shame…”

So get creative people. Build lego towns with the kids, paint amateurishly, giggle your way through a hip hop dance class or open your mouth and sing.

Feed joy into your life through creativity.

You don’t live in the past or the future, there is only this moment.

Live your bliss. 


  1. ooh i like the way you think, 33 must be the magic number i felt the same way 3 years ago (a positive mind = positive actions- healthy eating= healthy life – gettting back to basics=enjoying time with loved ones not time with things & playing footy with mr 6 instead of cleaning house is never time wasted) thanks for reminding me what ive let slip lately xxx

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