How Time Flies

It’s around this time of year that we all really take notice of how time flies.

As we take our children back to school (or to school for the first time) we get to reflect on how fast they have grown. Despite the days being long we finally understand why they say that life is short.

They grow up fast and the moments that seemed interminable are well behind us.

Hopefully we have grown and learnt from the harder times and have built our knowledge and resource bank for when they come again.

Seeing my baby off to full time school today (1st day of pre-primary) it occurred to me that now is the perfect time for Mama’s to work out what this year is going to be like.

PicMonkey Collage 22

How do we ensure that we enjoy each day and really live in the present? Soaking up the laughter of our children, the precious cuddles that they give freely at this age and ensuring that we are our own person, not just someone’s Mum?

I love lists, so for me my inventory today of how this month is going to go….goes something like this:

The book project that I am working on now needs to take priority

My children’s eating routine needs to continually reinforced

The holiday (in less than two weeks!!) that I am taking just with my husband (woo hoo) needs details ironed out.

Toilet training and dummy removal will become my task nearing the end of the month

I need to keep writing, blogging and opening my heart

I am swimming with dolphins!! (Hello bucket list tick!) 

Dinner plans and catch ups need to be finalised

So then ask yourself – do all your tasks, have to’s and want to’s make you feel how you want to feel?

Get rid of the things on your list that make you feel heavy and worn out before you even do them. Do them the following month when you might be more ready or get out of them.

Life is too short.








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