How Self-Love Can Change Your Life

I’ve just run a cleaning marathon through my house. There was porridge on the floor. Dishes from last night in the sink and breadcrumbs to keep many a creature happy. The babies sheets were wet, I’ve got towels and bathers strewn all over my backyard and there was not one clean inch of bench space to make the kids lunches.

But as an act of kindness to myself – I keep time free to be able to clean up the messes that life throws at us. It is an act of self-love that I don’t over-schedule my week or my kids. I had thought about taking them out but after a pretty full day yesterday I needed the down time.

This morning I got up at 5:30, made myself a coffee and headed to the beach to a yoga class. Getting to Swanbourne as the sun was rising was worth the effort and the night waking that comes with setting an alarm these days (does anyone else get disturbed sleep if they have to wake up early??).

A beautiful hour long class on the sand followed and then I got to grab a quick coffee with a girlfriend.

Self-love. Making time for me.

I can go into my day knowing I don’t have to rush. Knowing I have plenty of time to clean. Feeling good from the exercise and satisfied that I have got to do something that I love on this day.

Resentment be gone!

The kids are being just beautiful and maybe that’s a reflection of the state that I am in.

So everyday I take this lesson and show up for myself.

I make time to make myself happy because, as you know, when Mama is happy, everyone is happy 🙂

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