How Mum’s Of Three “Do It”

I often get asked how I “do it” with three kids. I think this is because if you have one child things seem overwhelming and the thought of more is slightly crazy.

When you have two kids things seem overwhelming and the thought of more is slightly crazy. So looking at a crazy lady with three who is somehow making life work often prompts this question.

Truth. Sometimes things seem overwhelming but you let things go. The KISS protocol really works for me.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

You can’t  believe that like you, I made it to school this morning.

Unlike your child/children mine don’t have shoes on and my son may not have a water bottle packed for school.

You may wonder how we get anywhere on time. 

We don’t. Unless its vitally important it doesn’t really matter. People prefer we are late, that way my kids have less time to eat all their food.

You may wonder how I remember everything the kids need. 

I don’t. At any given time I’m borrowing nappies, spare undies and drink bottles. These things don’t stress me out. They can rotate use of the hat I remembered to bring.

How do I take one to the toilet when I have three?

That’s my kid over there by the tree, peeing.

What about food? Kids are so fussy and then there’s the baby to feed. 

One meal. If they don’t like it they get no more – the baby usually gets a pureed version of what we are having.

Snacks? How do you get time to bake? 

Fruit is the most portable and acceptable snack to my kids. Baking becomes burning so I just don’t do it.

How do you keep the house clean with three? 

Less stuff and more help. Sometimes more yelling does  the trick.

Ok, but you have make-up on and your hair done. 

Its like a reflex. Take care of me so I can take care of you. I get dressed then I find I am faster and move quicker. If I stay in my dressing gown I pretty much leave in my dressing gown. There is always something extra to do. Someone is always going to poo, vomit, meltdown over clothes or hurt themselves seconds before you leave. It’s the law.

What about when they are sick? Don’t you just worry three times as much? 

No. We’ve been through rashes, colds, pneumonia, suspected broken arms, ear infections, grommet operations and scarily high fevers. You learn more and you learn that most of these are just run of the mill sickness that they will get over. A rash usually means the end of the virus, a sore immobile elbow means its pulled and needs to be put back in its place and the use of antibiotics doesn’t shorten the length of colds. A fever means that the body is working hard to burn off the offending invader.

It’s a steep learning curve and I know now that if I am worried – then I don’t hesitate to get my kids help.

So that is how Mum’s of Three “Do It”. We still get the get things done but maybe not the way Mums of one or two are “doing it” and maybe not the way we did it before.

Mums of four and beyond…..I bow down to you…..I just don’t know how you “do it” 🙂


I sometimes feel like I have four children……..


  1. Nic, this is great. I wish I had something like this when I was bringing up my four. Four starts to change some bigger things like car size, bedrooms (especially as they get older). There was always someone not ready in the morning for one reason or another but we always got there on time, school, nursery, playgroups (which was a great chill time, and time to catch up with other mums and toddlers). Hard work, stressful at times but would not change it for anything. My four are all grown up now and my baby (nearly 17) is going off to University this year. I now need a hobby/dog/grandchildren to fill the gap. Love and enjoy the whole experience whether you have one, two or six.

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