How Do You Find The Time For You?

Sometimes it feels like you are just someone’s Mum.

Sometimes it feels like you are your  childrens’ s whole world.

I think the difference in these two feelings is how happy you are within yourself.  Are you taking the time to do the things that you want to do?

Are you feeling resentful or hopeless or like is this is all there is? Then you are missing something.


Your wants. Your dreams. Your desires.

Have you thought about them lately?

I’m still on a high from ticking off one of my big dreams but I am straight into thinking about what comes next.

What do I want?

Where do I want to go in life?

What does my perfect life look like?

I am doing Brene Brown and Oprah’s course on Wholehearted Living. It;s a six week course that started this week.

The first task was art.

Like getting out markers and paints and creating things.

Hmmm. Not really what I had in mind. I was immediately dismissive.

But as I watched the video I felt a craving to go and get some markers and start drawing. Start creating. Start off my journal with love-hearts and doodles and actually write down my dreams and the things that matter.

But I’m going to wait for Julian to get home from school so we can do it together. I want to show him that once you hit adulthood life doesn’t get really  boring and you no longer play.

That getting older doesn’t mean you no longer dream.

I also want to encourage him to believe that anything is possible.

It all starts with you.

Show your kids how to make dreams come true.

But first make sure you know what they are.


(Picture from Pinterest)

Show people your dreams


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  1. yes sorry hon, I didn’t pass on much in the way of art talent, as you know my brothers are good so we missed out on the gene line but not to worry, it about enjoyment and following your dreams so have fun with Julian joining in too x

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