Holiday Truths (With Kids)

We just came back from a wonderful beach holiday, with five kids and two couples in a three bedroom apartment.

It could have been a recipe for disaster, especially as the Saturday night before we left we had to leave early from their place.  Our children were all fighting and it was the LEAST relaxing Saturday night we’d had in a while.

So, with only slight trepidation, we headed down to Mandurah with our best friends and their kids.

Pre-kids we’d holiday often, Bec and I playing scrabble, reading, the boys we would go golfing or out to the pub.  For lunch and dinner we’d head to latest and greatest restaurants, keen to try the local fair.

With kids our holidays look a little different.

We only have one question and we chase the answer all day.

“How do we burn off their energy, so that they are happy to sit quietly and let us relax?”

I was amazed to see five boys in the living room, first thing, fizzing with energy. They couldn’t sit still. Ants in their plants.

Breaky barely slowed them down but it gave us time. Time to wake up, time to get dressed, time to plan our course.

Holiday Truths

  • The beach worked better than the park at burning off energy
  • If you let yourself go, let go of your intentions for your holiday, you will have fun with your children
  • Lots of walks fill in time and everyone feels better
  • Never go to a restaurant. Forget it – your out-numbered. 
  • Put them in bed as early as possible – they have had their holiday, now you get yours.

Despite these truths it was a wonderful, relaxing (the definition has changed) holiday and I loved being able to escape for walks on the beach with the dogs and a hot stone massage!! We even saw dolphins which was an amazing highlight!

Photo: Started this wonderful day on a beach walk with my doggies and then the whole crew spent the morning here. Beautiful.

Photo: It's not quite Cable Beach Broome but pretty cool sunset in Mandurah with a surprise appearance from a couple of dolphins!

Photo: Fantastic five!





  1. You are so right, you have to let o of your own plans and then you just seem happier to enjoy the ‘good’ times when they happen x

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I look forward to using some of these hints when we get to go on our first holiday with our two boys. Not sure when that will be though!

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