Holiday Fodder

When I am at home I daydream about upcoming holidays and places I want to visit.

But what do you think about when you are already in paradise?

Well, as I sipped on cocktails, lazed * around the pool and fine dined – I dreamed of improving my domestic goddess status.

*(not really, hard to laze when you have 18 month olds trying to bomby into the water)

I often do this.

Last year I got to Broome and I wanted to run home and redo all the wardrobes and get all the linen cupboards organised.

This year it was all about food.

I want to improve.

We eat healthy but I want to improve the ease to which I approach the kitchen.

What does that require?

Learning more.

I have a thirst for knowledge and I love learning new things, but when you are time poor, it’s hard to get excited about it.

This week I’ve taken a tutelage of chef-dom under Jamie Oliver.

My kids call him by his first name now, such is the extent to which I have been playing re-runs of 15 minute meals. I’ve also been googling and even did a little 10-minute herb tutorial.

But how has this helped me? (and more importantly how can it help you?)

Well the name of the show says it all – 15 minute meals. Healthy meals that take less time than a nappy change (some days).

Plus he is giving out tips left right and centre.

I have asked the Universe, many a time, for a cooking course that is all about seasoning: how to use herbs better, what to use to really beef up pasta sauces, curries and salads….and I think this is my answer.

Last night I made his fish baps with home-made tartare sauce and mushy peas – the parmesan crust on the fish was too die for

My families reaction? “Mummy can we have this every night?”


The night before I did his beef koftas, with rice, peas and green beans – delicious!

So I have set out an incredible meal plan for next week and I plan on learning a whole lot more from him and about food. Check out my facebook page to see any photos of the food that i post – you may just get some inspiration!

He’s also convinced me I need an in-kitchen herb garden.

So excited about it!

What do you dream about whilst on holiday? Is it just me that gets obsessed about improving my home life? 


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  1. I totally agree! I make so many promises to myself when I am away and usually can’t wait to get home to ‘start fresh’…I think its because we actually get time to think about it! I love keeping my meals really simple. Last week we had steak with squashed potatoes and beans – that was it…so simple but so quick, easy and delicious!

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