Here I Am

You can check out my background in the post Who Am I but the thing that matters the most is where I am now.

I am here, in this moment, because I am a writer. Because I am a woman that wants to make a difference. My heart is open and I want to share with you information that will make you want to question the way we do things in the world.

We need to cultivate more empathy, compassion and understanding in the world and I want to do that through giving you the information you need to empower yourself to make your own conclusions. About the problems of the world that are bigger than us.

Helping others, being of service, sharing our compassion, lending our voice –  this all creates more joy in our own lives. We feel good about our contribution to society and we have more appreciation for the things we have and the people in them.

Knowledge is power and I want to give you that. I want to give you an overview, a contained version of the story that you can read and get up to speed on stories you may have missed whilst you were living your life.

I want to question. I want you to question. There may be questions without answers. Questions that need to be looked at, examined, dissected and work out a way to be actioned. Maybe we will come up with a solution, maybe we can contribute, share educate others.

Please email me with any questions you have at

Questions like: What is the Syria conflict about? What is the role of the UN? Why do we have NAPLAN? How the hell did Trump win? Who decides our education policies – politicians or educators? Why are there homeless people in Perth when we have minimum wage, the dole and council housing? Is yoga religion based?

I have a Bachelor of English and a Bachelor of Social Science. I am also a yoga teacher, a mother of three little boys, an adoring wife, a speed reader, a coffee, wine and tea lover and much much more. Please email me:

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