Today’s Mantra: Breathe

My toddler has learnt many words and his sentences are exceptional (at least to a proud Mummy!). Today his new phrase was one I wish he hadn’t learnt. It started this morning when in-between requests for purple smoothies, pancakes with mable siwip (his pronunciation) and Ben 10 (now!),  I told him to go play with his (many, many) toys. He said no, he didn’t like his toys.

I told him that if he didn’t play with them then there were under-privileged kids that would be thrilled to have them. Although meant to be threatening, I thought it was a bloody good idea. I started to explain to him that some children didn’t have any toys and maybe we could give them some of his. My beautiful little boy’s eyes welled up and I asked him what was wrong. He sniffled and managed to cough out, “Some kids don’t have any toys.” What a kind-hearted angel I thought to myself, until his next sentence, “…and they want mine.” Waah.

This ensued much sniffling and eye-welling until he screamed, “I’m not happy!”. Ok then.

Get over it. You still have your toys…and you still don’t play with them.

Leo meanwhile tried to compete for attention by becoming increasingly irate, something he is not prone too. Good thing with four month olds is if they become too grumpy you can just send them off to sleep. Pity a toddler won’t lie down at 8:30am when I’ve had enough for the day.

Thank God I have a night off as we are out to dinner and my wonderful parents are coming to play with the kids. I’m going to throw a much-needed glass of wine down my throat and try to repair the damage to myself that the day has wreaked.

As this is my first entry I have become aware that my kids may not actually be excited to read this in the future….so I’m going to be positive.

My oldest angel Julian is strong and determined but  just has the most beautifully kind personality. He is amazing with his little brother Leonardo and has been since he was born. Julian is incredibly smart and aware and is the most huggable creature alive.

Leonardo is a little ball of sunshine, he’s bald and smiley and just an absolute dream baby. He has made my transition into a mother of two the loveliest experience.

My husband Daniel and I have been together for 10 years. He is smart, charming and (mostly) a great husband. lucky for us 10 years later we are still very much in love with each other. He does however have a really annoying habit (actually he has many) of giving me little life “tips”. He wants to share them through this blog. God help us.


  1. I think I just read your blog backwards – anywho – I enjoyed every paragraph, every sentence, every word. You have put so much personal emotion into this and should be so proud! I know you are a beautiful person and an amazing mother and wife, and these few posts sum that up completely!
    Keep writing and i’ll keep reading – inspirational!!
    Steph x
    P.S My life tip to Daniel – No more hoarding!! 🙂

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