Happy with what you have?

We had Playschool on for a while this morning and I was delighted to overhear them reading a book encouraging children to be happy with what they have.

It went along the lines of:

If you got that thing little bear would you be happy then?

No because I still wouldn’t have xyz

Ok, so if you got xyz, would you be happy then little bear ?

No because if I had xyz I would need abc…

Then I think you need to be happy with what you have then little bear.

I think we can all learn something from Playschool today, despite my terrible recall of the actual story  🙂

Decide to be happy now. Decide that what you have is enough.

I want things but I don’t need them. I’m not unhappy that I don’t have them because I am always happy with my life.

Yes I complain and whinge about my gorgeously precocious children and stubborn husband but I would never change a thing. These are the happiest years of my life and when I’m old my memories of this time are going to be filled with love, smiling faces and sunshine.

The photos below are from this morning’s playdate with friends and cousin.


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