Happy Love Day


A day of high expectations, a lot of pressure and forced love?

Some of that is true, but I believe just like mother’s day or father’s day, it’s just an opportunity to remind our loved ones that we care.

A day to remember to say I love you.

A day to remember to make time just for you and him.

A day to reflect on the time you’ve spent together and how much he means to you.

I love the quote below……


I love my husband


My husband and I celebrated a last night, with the kids tucked into bed early, a nice bottle of champagne and some one on one time chatting in our pool (which thanks to the heatwave is nice and toasty).


It’s so important to just spend time with each other and last night was even better than going out to dinner. It was quiet, there were no interruptions and we just spoke about whatever came into our heads.

Tonight we are having a family Valentines celebration and heading with the kids to the beach, for some take out and joy.

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? 




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