Happiness is….

(For Me)

That the birthday parties for my kids are over for the year!

This gives me:

A clear mind

A sunny disposition 


Space to do projects that really make me happy (de-cluttering and writing!)

I love parties. I love socialising. I love eating. I love drinking. I love taking in the visual appeal of effort.

I hate the organisation and stress it causes.

I can throw together an adult party, family dinner for 20 or have friends over for drinks and nibbles at a moments notice (thanks to my weekly cleaner) but throwing a child’s party fills me with dread.

Maybe it’s that “craft” at school used to fill me with the kind of apprehension that most people reserved for Phys Ed or Calculus. I’m bored…and the effort I go to is wasted when most of it looks awful.

So a big thanks to my Sister-In-Law for making the stuff that looks good and family and friends for pitching in with the food and set-up.

But it’s all over. My gorgeous angel Leo has turned one, had the “big party” and I may have a reprieve for these kind of parties for maybe a year (bliss).

Love looking at the photos after all is said and done though. (Most by Bloom Pixels)


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