Hansel and Grateful

I believe that there is something Hansel and Gretel-like going on in my house.

This is how it happened:

My cleaner came on Monday. I asked her to clean downstairs first as Leo was sleeping. So she mopped downstairs. Unfortunately then Leo woke up and we had lunch.

Sausage rolls.


Five minutes later I saw a trail of pastry crumbs leading me to the playroom. That’s where the trail stopped cold (and was eaten by my dog who is on a diet).

Frustrated I brushed them all up and berated my son, threatening to take money out of his piggy back to pay cleaner.

The next clue I got was in the form of dust footprints. Doggy footprints. Leading from the garage and stopping just past my dining table.

I mopped them up and cleaned Lucy’s feet.

My cleaner was still in the house and looked at me like I was crazy.

I threatened dog (who has no money) with a short outside stay if she continued to leave a trail.

Leo, that night at dinner, wiggled out of the high chair harness (Ikea don’t believe in five points) and crawled across our kitchen bench. I grabbed him and gave him the privilage of eating like a big boy at Julian’s table with his omelette.

Unfortunately I went off to do something and only found him by following the trail of omelette to the stairs where he was preparing himself for his seventh round of climbing for the day.

Of course, dog-on-diet, retraced his steps quite happily.

We then went to get dog-on-diet’s (aka loud walker on wood floors) nails cut. The bloody vet cut her and made her bleed. I comforted her and took her inside and she went off to sulk.


I was able to find her later by following her trail of blood.


So you see – the book is coming to life in my house.

What to do?

Give in and be grateful.

I am thankful that my cleaner is coming next Monday. 

I am thankful that my boys are healthy and happy – able to climb stairs, houdini out of highchairs and talk with their mouths full. 

I am thankful that I have dogs who help me vacuum the floor. 

I am thankful I don’t have carpet!


      1. I am sure you will work it out. I looked at changing the look of my blog slightly but got totally overwhelmed and left everything as is. WP seems to be having a few issues for the last few weeks, anyway.Please tell your girlfriend I love her sketch. Love.

    1. Thanks! My girlfriend sketched something for me and I uploaded it to the blissful blog template ( no special websites from me!) and oah la! Took me two seconds this morning but now don’t know how to get my follow me widget on the homepage!

  1. very funny hon, just as well you have the cleaner, lets hope the dogs and the kids messy habits dont put her off haha

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