Today has been one long struggle to get things done. Leo had an awful night’s sleep and seems to have a stomach upset thats adding to his ear problems. His day sleeps have been short and torturous. We had a playdate this morning which was great but I got home and hit a wall.

A wall so big and so large I didn’t know how I was going to get over it. I did briefly consider laying on the couch and just letting chaos reign but Leo is a danger to himself at the moment so it was not possible.

I pushed through.

I want to apologise to the environment for today’s misdemeanours:

Two loads of dishes already (I had to make a ton of Leo’s food plus sushi for lunch and we had coconut pancakes for breakfast)

I used the dryer  for my towels because I hate that hard towel feel when they dry in the sun. I also was too tired to use the container water on the plants.

Yep, also put on another load of washing and used washing liquid instead of my eco ball as that pee smell is so hard to get out (thank you Leo and thank you Julian for delightfully scenting your clothes).

A pointless 20 minute drive using up petrol so I could get my kids asleep.

I am now going to close my eyes for two minutes (or maybe four if I pretend I don’t hear them).

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  1. You poor thing…I can hear your exhaustion in your writing…forget the pancakes and sushi tomorrow – toast and sandwiches…one day won’t hurt 🙂 Take care xx

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