Hairy subject

There has been a lot of discussion about my child’s hair. I don’t know if everyone gets this but I constantly get comments about it. “‘Don’t cut it.” “Get it cut”, It’s cute, it would be cuter short etc

He was pretty happy with his “‘big’ hair and despite the fact that he rarely let me brush it, so were we. We think he looked like a rockstar. A dodgy fringe cut however and it’s increasingly ratty appearance (Not to mention the couple of “is he a girl?” comments) made me consider the chop.

I didn’t mean to go as far as I did. I thought a decent chop…the hairdresser thought by that I meant get rid of the curls completely. So his hair can now be considered…short.

My husband wasn’t talking to me as he was so upset about it. The rest of the family had mostly positive reactions and I had mixed reactions at kindy.

As for Jules….he’s pretty happy that he’s not pushing it out of his face to see his trains.

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