Guilt Riddance (Love List Retraction)

I’m sorry.

I put an article on here last week that may have made you feel worse instead of better. Not the intention of my website.

How do I know this?

Because I have been feeling guilty.

Guilty that I am on my phone, guilty that I am checking my emails, guilty that I am writing this post and my kids are still awake.

I linked to this article here on Friday.

Look, the article has merit, we are a society that relies heavy on this kind of contact, but our children are flourishing. Yes maybe they get ignored once or twice but….it also happens while your making dinner, reading a book or doing something for yourself.

It’s not all about you but neither should it be all about them.

I’m sure the grandma that observed that we are all to into our phones at the park spent a lot of time NOT staring into her children’s eyes when she was cooking in the kitchen for hours and doing washing the old fashioned way. The park was probably the only place she got to spend any time with the kids. We are lucky like that. Technology has allowed us greater freedom and I have hours with the kids where we play cubbies, or in the pool or with their water table.

We are lucky.

Reading this article gave me a greater awareness about this issue but….so much guilt and I feel like there were some threats in there….if you don’t listen to them now they won’t tell you things when they are older….

But I do listen. Despite my reliance on technology I am there for my kids.

Stuff the guilt. It keeps coming back but I just keep kicking it to the curb.

And so should you.

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