Guest Posting

I didn’t realise swanning about, plonking your writing about on other people’s blogs was so hard!

Author of The Pram Diet, Bek Mugridge, asked me to guest post on her site a couple of weeks ago. True to form I didn’t read the description she left me as hard as I should and so just blogged like I usually did and thought, “Hope that’s ok, it’s kind of funny, very true but not everyone likes that kind of thing…”

So I send it off and I’m having a week where I am questioning what I write, how I write and who I am writing for. I decide, no it’s totally me and that’s ok.

Then I freak out when I don’t get a response for a day and email her that it’s not inspirational enough….I’m writing another.

I send that through and she says she loves it and she’ll put it up.

I say sorry about the first one….I looked back at your email and you wanted uplifting, inspirational and uh, it wasn’t really.

She takes a minute to get back to me then assures me the first one is the one she wants. The REAL one that will resonate with her readers.

I was shocked but happy and so without further ado….

Go check it out on her gorgeous site, whilst your there pick up a few recipes and maybe even a new book!

Happy Friday Night!


  1. I can definitely relate to you on this one. When I really doubt what I write is when I don’t get a response back right away when I ask for feedback. Or if there is any critical feedback, I want to scrap the whole thing and end up not putting anything up! Love what you wrote – was your second one completely different? Great reminder to write from your heart and stay confident. Thanks!!

    1. My second was a post I put on the blog last week called Motherhood Perfection. So completely different!! I try and relish critical feedback now and learn from it but yeah no feedback is what drives my mind into overdrive!!

  2. Thank you so very much Nicola for sharing such an fantastic and real post with my blog and readers.
    It is uplifting and supportive and so very fresh and real, all at the same time! I just love it and it’s an honour and every exciting to have you on the blog!
    PS so sorry it took me a day to get back to your email! Some days (and some weeks) it gets a little crazy and sometimes I also take an electronic break for the kiddies too, I alas do not have a modern phone yet that can help me stay synced either with all the important stuff and goodie emails!:)
    And BTW both your posts were (are) just amazing!!!
    You are such a gifted writer and I love your blog!
    Thank YOU XXX

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