Great Expectations (of Mother’s Day)

What is your ideal Mother’s Day?

The movie version – where your children bounce on you in the morning and your shirtless, designer-stubble husband brings in your tray of coffee and breakfast? You lean in for hugs and everyone giggles and laughs and its a big love fest?


The Real Version – where you are entitled to the sleep in but can’t sleep because you can hear the children and your hubby fighting/screaming/laughing having fun downstairs without you? You go downstairs expecting hugs and kisses but the kids run away to hide their chocolate smeared faces from you and your husband won’t meet your eyes?

I would take real any day.

When you start to expect the movie version you miss out on the fun stuff of life.

What’s real.

What’s authentic.

Everybody being themselves instead of playing a part.

I giggle when I think what it will be like.

But it’s not like I don’t have a wishlist…..

On Mother’s Day I hope:

That everyone feels loved

That everyone feels happyย 

That everyone feels content

And that my wish for my new gym bag comes true…..



I do like to make things less stressful at gift-giving time.

I’m selfless like that



  1. Hehe you made me laugh. I hope your wishes come true!
    I have so far purchased some gifts for myself that I want.. just in case. I’m selfless too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Haha – it really only happens in the movies – especially at my house. I love that bag – I have looked at that somewhere before.

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