Today’s Mantra: Live Simply, Dream Big, Be Grateful

I think it’s very easy to forget to be thankful. 

We get caught up in life and the day to day drama and we forget how much we have. We forget until it’s taken away from us.

I posted a link on my FB page this morning to a beautiful interview of Anita Moorjani regarding her book, and life experience, Dying to be Me.

I watched both parts of the interview and took away from it that you don’t run away, scared of life’s arsenal of terrors but you find the joy of life, your joy – no one else’s, and then you run full throttle at that.

Give it all you’ve got and be thankful that you had that opportunity. Don’t be resentful that you  never took the chance.

So I think today I am going to be about giving thanks for all I have. I truly am blessed.


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