Good Morning World!

Today’s Mantra: Deprivation is a form of torture

I’m not irritatingly happy because the detox is giving me energy. It’s because of this.

It was all over by 5pm.

At 1pm we lost one of our fellow detoxers. He had a headache, wasn’t feeling too well the night before and came home from work to sleep. I learnt this after torturing myself at the afternoon tea. I expected to say no to cupcakes, I’m not much of a sweet person anyway, but the spread was amazing. Fresh sushi, quiche, cheese platter, dips, fruit and rocky road. Amazing. I said no and let Jules manicure my nails.


On any normal day I would have porridge for breaky, and a then a green smoothie, sometimes I would have a berry shake for lunch, meaning to have something else later and then get busy and forget. On detox day all I could think about was what I couldn’t have. I had a food obsession. I whinged, I whined, I complained. My husband was a huge help.

I was also babysitting and had four under four, without coffee. I let this happen.

That’s a sticky man on my ceiling. Kids were devastated and tried all manner of jumps, chair stands and run ups to get him down. He’s still there.

I was also so busy making my own meals and shakes that Julian had toast, toast and a sandwich. Not so healthy.

What was I thinking? I wrote a post about a week ago, advocating a healthy, relaxed approach to nutrition and dieting. Be kind to yourself. This wasn’t being kind. I could have eaten all this food and still been relaxed about putting a few cashews or a piece of sushi in my mouth but I wasn’t. I didn’t want to let the team down.

By 4pm I got a phone call from Bec, saying she had a huge migraine and was out.

7:00pm. Both members of that particular family were laid out on the couch after throwing up. From the headache? An illness? Or the food?

I felt alright, just tired. I ended up eating the vege broth for dinner with a chaser of loving earth chocolate. I was asleep by 8:30.

I was kicking myself. Why did I think this was a good idea? I wasted a day focused on food. A day that needed attention to my children, myself and my hubby who is sick.

To detox or not detox? Just say no!




  1. If you just eat really fresh healthy food – not processed, limit dairy, wheat and sugar, drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies your body will get a good clean out and feel awesome…I am really struggling with the coffee too…maybe we should get together for one one day so we can feel guilty together, lol!!

      1. Hi Nicola,

        I am loving your blog entries and have felt I can relate to your entries. Do not bet yourself up over the detox. We are all too hard on ourselves. You are an amazing mother, wife and women. Good on you for writing these blogs and being so truthful. We could all take notes from you!!

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