Gone Girl – A Review

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is probably the best ‘who done it’ that I have read in a long time.

I have just begun to see the world again. Everything stopped except my need to get my head in this book and finish it.

At first it was an intriguing but slightly depressing read, the break-down of a marriage, told from the husband, Nick’s point of view. We receive the wife, Amy’s POV in the form of diary entries as she has gone missing, under suspicious circumstances on their fifth wedding anniversary.

The book is set up as a traditional “who done it”, with red herrings thrown in to throw you off the scent. But then, halfway through the book everything changes.

The writing is smart, the plot complicated and the pacing absolutely perfect, especially considering there is twist after twist.

There is too much you need to learn in this story for me to give you a decent plot review but just READ IT!

Also 20th Century Fox have bought the rights and Reese Witherspoon is set to produce and tipped to star in the film version which is exciting, I love her. She’d make a great Amy.

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