Going Paleo

I am for food.

I love eating.

I don’t like restrictions.

But I do a lot of reading. About raw foods. About the vegan lifestyle. About how to balance my pH levels.

Coming across the Paleo diet was the first time I thought, “Ok that might work for our family” . It was also the first time my husband agreed.

I want my family to have more energy. To be as healthy as they can. To love food.

We decided to do a 30 day Paleo challenge and see how we feel eating this way.

The deal is this:

You eat

The best possible meats, eggs, fruit and vegetables and nuts.

You don’t eat:

Grains, processed food, legumes, sugar.

We decided to keep the alcohol, the potato and a little cheese n our diet. Some people don’t but for us I definitely think it would have been too much too soon.

So what in the hell would you eat?

It sounds complicated but it’s actually rather simple and we are eating a lot like this already. I thought this challenge would be good for our family to see if we needed those filler foods – the pastas, the breads, the flour, the rice. The challenge for me is going to be making and baking the snacks like the paleo muffins, banana breads and brownies. It will make the transition easier I think, especially in week one if we have them on hand,

Below is my week one plan. I was going to do the whole month but I thought it better to start small and optimistic – then I have room to refine later.  It may also not work out exactly as planned – if we don’t feel like eggs we can do something else have a fruit salad or cada (coconut/date/almond/apple – chopped to make a cereal).



Have you ever tried this diet? I’d love to hear your experiences good and bad 🙂 


  1. I’ve gone Paleo and love the philosophy and I felt fantastic! I guess our family is more Weston A Price now! I just find it a little less restrictive. Can’t wait to hear how you go.

  2. We have just gone primal not long ago as we can’t live without cheese! Hubby is so excited that as a type 1 diabetic he no longer needs insulin during the day…and I’m hoping to feel a lot healthier x

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