Go Figure

I’m having a low energy day.

Fortunately I had already planned to take them to the playground at the beach early.

So it’s just past 11am and the kids have had their outing for the day. Leo is asleep and Julian and I have had a quick splash in the pool.

As we sit down (maybe some me time?) Julian wanders over with a pack of cards in his hands. I’ve recently moved the games cupboard to a drawer and now it is scarily accessible to the little people.

We have never played Go Fish before but he is getting to an age where he may understand it.

Please bear in mind before reading this post that I have read Adult Children of Mom Bloggers Support Groups and I have been forewarned as to how I may be affecting my children in later life by writing this kind of stuff down.

Besides my children will be under no illusion about what it’s like to have kids. Everyone in the world has experiences like the one below, the cycle repeats itself with each generation….

We sit down and I lay out the rules for him.


I shuffle the cards (Why is it taking a long time?)

I give us seven each (Why Mum?

“Now pick out the pairs.” (The eel and turtle are both green so they are a pair

“No they are not. Don’t show me your cards.” (Puts them behind his back)

“Now you can’t see them.” (Displays them in front of him and me)

“No, I can still see them, put them up like this.” (He puts them in front of his face, some facing out, some facing in)

“Now ask me if I have a card.” (Do you have a card?)

“No, no, ask me if I have an animal.” (Do you have an animal?)

“No, no one of your cards.” (Do you have one of my cards?)

“Julian say Mummy do you you have shark?” (Do you have a shark?)

“Go Fish.” (Big grin)

“That means pick up from the pile.” (Picks up a card, puts it back, picks up the next one


“No you have to take the first one.” (But i don’t want that one)

“But that’s how it works.” (Why Mum?)

“Julian, do you have a turtle?” (Not yeeeet)

“So is that a no?” (Maybe….)

“Julian do I need to Go Fish?” (Grins and nods, Go Fish!

I pick up.



By the time I look up again he has forgotten about our game and is building houses with the cards.

I bang my head against the wall and that makes me feel better.




  1. That’s hilarious. Good effort for trying – I have conversations like that all day long and just keep telling myself that even though my head is spinning, they’re getting something out of it. 🙂

  2. That is too funny Nic. I was having a big chuckle and love the accompanying pics and the surprise ending. “Mummy look, I have a house, not animals now. Go Fish!”. Ha!

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