Genie in a Bottle

Today’s Mantra: Be careful what you wish for

I love how in life things just seem to work out.

Things and people move into and out of your life for a reason.

French Children Don’t Throw Food is not a typical novel for our bookclub and yet somehow it was picked (Thanks Tash) and the information came at the right time for me and my kids.

This week I had my photo lesson and without looking for it I’ve gathered more information on photography than I have in my entire life. I wasn’t even searching for it but Be a Fun Mum posted a blog about her favourite photo editing tricks today and I was on Pinterest last night and just on the everything page was tips and tricks for photographing children Perfect!

I started to feel some shin splints and ankle soreness after my two workouts (you could barely call them runs) this week. May have something to do with the fact that my sneakers were bought for tennis.  I thought about getting some new sneakers and five minutes later I get an email from my Husband with Catch of the Day’s Nike runners sale. Hello hot pink running shoes.

Women's Nike Lunarglide +3

Pinterest is an awesome thing. I believe in “The Secret” and Pinterest feels like one big Dream Board to me. Post it…and it will come.

A picture of Miranda Kerr in leather leggings – two months later I find the perfect pair for me.

Some inspirational running quotes – a month later I’m running.

Green smoothie pic…suddenly I’m googling recipes and drinking them.

Time to start focusing my posting on lotto winnings and exotic locales I think!


  1. Love your positivity! Do you have a law of attraction story you’d like to share on my blog? I’ll give you credit and links, of course! You can email me at mollie at 🙂

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