Today’s Mantra: Own your health

A quick housekeeping note (and no I am not going to complain about my cleaner again).

I love food. I search incessantly for recipes for the healthiest, most satisfying food for me and my family.

I may eventually have some guest bloggers on here to talk healthy recipes but I am not sure I will ever be brave enough to put my kitchen out there for taste-testing so to speak.

I am not being self-deprecating here because it is true…I am a bit slap dash in the kitchen. Sometimes I find my food delicious and sometimes…well sometimes it’s best not to talk about it.

However…as it is kind of more personal and not really on a “professional” site like this one haha, I do occasionally post recipes and pics of good food on my facebook page so if you are looking for that sort of thing you can like it here or on the side panel of my blog.

Also very exciting news is that I am almost finished a little e-book project that I am working on that I hope to share with all my subscribers….so if you haven’t signed up yet get on board and type your email address in or press follow if you are a fellow wordpress…er.

It’s definitely not about food…stick to what you know I say!

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