Five Books To Get To Know You

One of my intentions this year is to be constantly reading. It lights me up inside and there is nothing better than being in the grip of an amazing read. You know the one, where you can’t put it down, where you read as you walk, where you ssssh everyone because you are trying to block out the real world. Love that feeling.

So if I want to feel lit up on the inside then this is one of the keys for me to brightening that light. I have books everywhere, shelves, displays, my dressing table, my bedside table, in drawers, hiding in cupboards – just waiting for me to pick them up and use their wisdom.

So how do you brighten your own light? First I truly believe you have to spend some time getting to know yourself.

For me, after reading through the books that I have listed in this post and taking the time to do the work set out within them, it occurred to me that I had all sorts of triggers for lighting myself up but that I hadn’t been paying enough attention to them.

There are a lot of sites out there (mine included) that recommend grabbing a cup of herbal tea, taking a shower, getting some me time in for us tired Mamas.

But let’s be honest here, the thought of these may not rock your world in any way shape or form because everyone is so completely different.

I’ve gone off herbal tea (I think pregnancy and weather related) and I usually prioritise myself enough to get in the shower.

So what else is there? What else can we do as Mother’s so that we can fit in more joy?

If you close your eyes in pleasure when you have that first sip of cold chardonnay at dinnertime – then get rid of the guilt about it. It’s lighting you up. Take time to feel out how this resonates with you. Does one make your body sing but the second and third give you anxious thoughts about ill-health and alcoholism? Give the second and third a miss and just enjoy the first that is really an act of loving yourself.

Coffee. God I love my coffee in the morning. The sip, the taste, the zing as my brain starts to fire up. If this is your pleasure too then enjoy, really taste it. Try new beans, less sugar, different milks or no milk to work out how to get the most pleasure out of it. I used to love a coffee with a lot of milk but I realised it was making my stomach funny afterwards. I switched to a different type of coffee with less milk, then just a drop then almond milk, then no milk and I have found my bliss in an expresso at home (the perfect blend) and a short mac when I am out.

Beach walking makes me feel blissful, the early morning sun on my face, the sounds of the waves crashing, that salt filled air rushing around. Love, love, love it. So I made it  part of my routine this year. A 6am beach walk that also allows me one of my other favourite things. Spending time with my best friend. We also sneak a coffee in and sometimes breakfast.

Experiences really make life blissful for me. This weekend I organised a family boat trip where we saw dolphins, seals and penguins and spent some time chilling on the beach. I also had a yoga and meditation retreat to go to and then had another gorgeous family dinner at one of my favourite restaurants. When I look back on that weekend it’s filled with sunshine and blue waters and wonderful memories and feelings and yes I feel well and truly lit up.

Chase the feeling.

While we were out there we saw another tour swimming with dolphins. Instead of thinking that’s cool, I wish i could do that (its been on my bucket list for about 15 years) I asked a million questions to the tour guide and we are booking in to go next month. Why not make it happen? What was I waiting for? The slight fear of the unknown has been holding me back for years and I am no longer going to let it ride me.

I have some amazing holidays planned this year – most already paid up and organised. When you want something, then feel it and visualise it the Universe opens up to make it happen.

I really wanted to go to Paperbark Camp. It’s been on my universe wishlist for a while but instead of planning it, something else came up and we thought we were going to head off with a couple of friends and go somewhere we weren’t thrilled with, we got the nod from babysittes then plans fell through. I took the reins, we had babysitters so we were going on my dream holiday. The next day an offer on facebook, three nights for the price of two, I rang up to book and as it was pretty far in advance the owner said I will put you in my favourite room, I picked a random date in February to go, crossing fingers that the babysitters would be available then only afterwards realised we were going on Valentine’s Day. Should be pretty romantic 🙂

So I hand the reins over to you now, so you can find your bliss the way I’ve found mine, here are some of my maps to finding the treasure inside:

Danielle La Porte – Desire Mapping

Danielle has turned goal setting on it’s head. She has put a concept so simple out there that it is hard to believe I haven’t thought of it before.

Instead of setting goals and assessing your life via if they have been achieved or not – look at how you want to feel and aim for that.

How you want to feel.

It’s so genius because that is what we are all chasing. That feeling at the end when the goal is met – of being successful, happy, content, rich, confident, joyful.

So after a lot of soul and dictionary searching I’ve come up with the way I want to feel and I apply it to everything. Is this making me feel:

Blissful, Bountiful, Harmony, Spirited, Playful or Luminous?

No? Ok then I need to take steps to getting rid of it or look at the task from a different perspective. For example when my house is clear and tidy I feel pretty damn blissful and in harmony so even though I am not in love with washing, putting things away and stacking dishwashers – the end result makes me feel awesome.

Swimming lessons with the kids make me crazy. I feel resentful, like my time is taken up and I hate being indoors in the water. So what to do? I’ll spend more time with them in our pool which is super fun and we are looking into getting a private teacher between friends at a friend’s pool that’s outdoors in the sunshine and we can catch up while the kids learn to swim.

Don’t worry if it’s not politically correct, if you are not going with the flow or if you are out on a limb feeling really different to everyone else…this is showing you your path. The one lit with a thousand candles with a big sign at the end in neon lights blinking “JOY”.

You are the only one that can determine what is right for you and what is making you happy.

Tara Bliss and Rachel MacDonald – Spirited

I just bought this on the weekend and have had a proper read through but haven’t done these exercises yet. I think these girls are just gorgeous and the e-book is truly beautiful.

I love that the companion to this book has a lot about shadow energies. So instead of talking about all the positive things you can focus on it talks about real scenarios and feeling negative feelings and what to do when you are in really negative situations.

Louise Hay -The Golden Collection

Affirmations, metaphysical causes for illness (what emotions are creating these illnesses in your body) and the beautiful inspirational words of Louise Hay.  This book is a lifemap for healthy living, for believing in yourself and for manifesting your deepest desires into reality. I love it.

Belinda Anderson – Living From The Inside Out

Living From The Inside Out Australia

The most comprehensive self-development book I have read. Belinda is truly one of the the most inspirational women I have the pleasure of knowing. Her story, inter-weaved with experiences of her life coaching clients and all that she knows to be true about harnessing the power of the Universe and truly Living from the Inside Out, is deeply personal and profoundly affecting on those who read it.

Spirit Junkie – Gabrielle Bernstein

I love Gabby. I love her meditations, her belief in women and her desire to show us that we are the creator of our destinies. Spirit Junkie is her guide to being the best you, you can possibly be and there are accompanying meditations for each chapter so you can forgive, release, realise and manifest.

Not sure about all this self-help stuff and if it would really help you? 

If you would like to dip your toes into finding out more – there is a free workbook called Illuminate that is available over at you just need to subscribe to her site and you will receive a copy.

Happy Reading xx


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