First love…and heartbreak

Today’s Mantra: I am filled with love

Feeling slightly seedy for the first time in a while. Dinner was hilarious, we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant and one of the tables caught fire. After mild panic, an incessant alarm and slight worry that the gas bottle would become a bomb, in came the fire fighters to put us all at ease. So maybe I’m blaming smoke inhalation and not the wine for my headache….

Just Leo and I today on the home-front. We dropped Julian at kindy this morning. He is not quite three but pre-kindy is the best invention for parents since school. It negates the  guilt of daycare, especially if there is no pressing need for it when your a stay-at-home mama, and leaves me free for quality time with the baby. Also Jules loves it and is completely wiped out when he gets home after a hard day of play-based learning.

On the drive to kindy I asked Ju Ju (a self-appointed nickname), if he could point out his little girlfriend to me. For the last couple of weeks all we’ve been hearing about is Dempsey. She is nearly four and kids of Julian’s age are obsessed with slightly older kids, especially those that pay a bit of attention to them. The last time he was at kindy he came home devastated, Demspey hadn’t talked to him and kept playing with someone called Kaleb. My heart melted and my first thought was that he should, as one of my girlfriends advised, “Dump the Dempster.”

You should have seen his little face today when he saw her. At first he just shyly pointed her out to me. Then he got up from his blocks and watched her through the window as she played outside. Then he wanted me to go with him outside to play and he stood at the foot of the play equipment calling up to her like Romeo did at Juliet’s window. He must of called her name five times but she didn’t reply, although she heard him. Her Dad, who was standing with us, told her off for being rude and Julian was completely oblivious, climbing up as quickly as he could to stand beside her. She didn’t say a word to him the whole time. I did however find him another little girl called Katie and as I left they were playing. They say that lightning never strikes in the same place, I’m just hopng the same can be said for heartbreak 🙂

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