Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Today’s Mantra: Achievement inspires

I watched a film last night. It’s called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead about a guy on a juice fast.

I was never quite convinced about juicing. If you juice a lot of fruit you are ingesting a lot of sugar. Vegetables I understand but I was also worried that the essentials (fibre etc) were being left out.

So I sat down to watch this film about a guy who is in his own words fat, sick and nearly dead. Joe Cross is a business man, a very successful business man but he had problems that couldn’t be fixed with money.

What I loved about the film format and Joe Cross is that he is an all-Australian bloke. He was not a skinny Yogi with long hair preaching about the benefits of juice cleanses, he was the kind of guy my husband would enjoy having a few beers with.

In fact, I think that is the only reason that Daniel watched pretty much the whole film with me.

So Joe Cross decides that he is sick of taking pills for his autoimmune disease. The kind which gives him regular outbreaks of hives as his body attacks itself. He has an immense beer gut and is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

He wants to do an experiment where he fasts on only juice for sixty days to improve his health and get off his pills. Leading to a cleanse of his system which he hopes will kick-start the rest of his healthy lifestyle.

Of course he lost weight. You knew he would. Anyone that gives up food for juice would surely lose weight but….he got healthy. He was being monitored by a Doctor and the statistics were mind blowing. His body was healing itself. The nutrients in all the fruit and vegetables were actually going to work on his body and fixing what was broken.









Amazing. I mean how many people do you know that would just accept that they will be taking pills for the rest of their life?

The best thing about the film and the subsequent blog/juice program success is that achievement has a domino affect. He meets a truck driver with the same autoimmune disease as himself, a total coincidence and this guy is really, really big. Over 400 pounds. You would never think in a million years he would be able to do a juice cleanse and turn his life around but he does, and then he inspires.

A beautiful daisy chain of inspiration.

So I am convinced. Juicing is amazing and everyone should be reaching for one or two a day to supplement their diet and ensure nutritional needs are being met.

Now when I say juicing I don’t mean grabbing anything out of the supermarket. Take that out of your trolley it has no nutrients in it. I mean freshly pressed, preferably with a cold-press juicer. (Cold pressed instead of ground to keep nutrients and enzymes in tact). If you are going to try and supplement your diet with it I would suggest aiming for a vegetable fruit mix, or vegetable only juice. Do it yourself to ensure fresh, organic produce is being put into it.

Happy Juicing!


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