Excuse me…Is that Prada?

I feel like I had two Mother’s Days this year.

Yesterday was wonderful, I had a sleep in, then cuddles from the boys and a coffee from my hubby. I was given beautiful presents (Kora organics eye cream, foot balm and a plant pot decorated with I love Mum on it), then taken out the breakfast. The rest of the day we lazed around till it was time to go see my wonderful Mother for dinner. My Mother-in-law was away, so we will celebrate with her tonight.

So that was great, but my husband actually had both the kids for most of the day Saturday too.

I had my hair done in the morning and a baby shower in the afternoon. As he’s never had them both for more than a couple of hours, I asked him if he wanted me to move my hair appt to another day. He said no, he’d work it out.


The morning went smoothly with only one, very calm, call regarding the food our littlest one, Leo. He’s been on solids for a week, so Daniel wasn’t  really up on that routine just yet.

When I got home, in between madly cleaning up, making lunch and getting dressed, he told me he was taking the boys to the shops. I said, “Are you sure?” He said, “Yep.” He wanted to get Julian some dominoes so that they could play together.

He takes my car, as it has the two car seats. I’m left with his work ute…in my new Alannah Hill dress and high heels. Great.

I don’t get a phone call until we’re in the midst of a baby-related scattegories game. I’m getting heavily challenged on whether I get a point for saying that you need to take your boobs to hospital. I won. You do need them.

I take the call and Daniel asks where he can buy the kind of dummies Leo likes. I can hear wailing in the background. I look at my watch, “Go to Big W, get the dummies, go to a coffee shop, get Jules a baby cino and get a cup of hot water to sterilise the dummy, you can also feed Leo a bottle there.”

Daniel, “Is that why he’s grumpy? By the way, there is no chance I’ll be getting the groceries you need, you’ll have to go on your way home.”

I surmise that the big outing wasn’t going so well.  When I get home I crack up as I listen to the story.

As soon as he gets there, Leo poos. He has to work out where the baby change rooms are. When he gets there, another Dad is changing his baby. Daniel takes some tips from him and realises that he should be getting out the change mat too. He looks again, he and the Dad have the same Prada nappy bag. When Daniel tells the story he sounds so embarrassed.  I think its funny he’s even noticed, I can imagine him being in such a panic.

He then goes and gets Julian the chips he’s promised him in the food hall. They all sit down and Daniel takes a handful for himself and puts them on a serviette to seperate Julian’s pile from his. Disaster. Julian has a full-on meltdown. He’s under the table, screaming. Leo starts to cry. Daniel moves the balling children across the food hall to a new table as he’s getting “looks”, but he can’t stop Leo’s crying, hence the dummy call to me.

Nowhere sells dominos.

He comes home empty handed and defeated.

The children have won.

A big thank you to my wonderful husband and all the Dad’s out there, that work so hard to make sure our Mother’s Day (and so many other days) are special.


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  1. It is tough for Dads…they don’t get the same practice we do…but still, it’s great for them to see how hard it is for us some days. Sounds like you have a great hubby x

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