Enter… the New Phase

Today’s Mantra: Embrace Change

Now that baby Leo has hit the six month mark there are changes taking place in my house.

For starters there have been a few full night’s sleep.


This coincides with him moving to his own room and really beginning to eat solid foods. Unfortunately every second night or so (and the last two in a row) he wakes three or four times. Not expecting to be woken up somehow makes it worse than before…

Julian, after six months of night waking, seems to have finally broken the habit. Maybe having Leo across the hall gives him comfort. Either that or he just likes the fact that Leo is there and not in our bed. There is now no night time party for Jules to miss out on.  It also means I get my husband back for tag team night-settles with Leo.

The solid food transition has not been as cohesive with Leo as it was with Julian. Leo’s appetite has always been different, he never had the voracious hunger of my first-born. I’m also nowhere near as organised or methodical. I guess with second babies we get busier and “wing it” more. He is eating well but doesn’t like his food heated up. He seems to like it straight from the fridge – if he sees me getting out his tiny pot for heating, he screams. It’s easier for me obviously, plus less wastage if he doesn’t finish it but I keep meaning to google the effect it may be having on his digestion…

On the bright side, the dogs are once again happy there is another human being dropping food for them.

That’s my dog Oscar’s new favourite food – a teething rusk. Both dogs hover and wait for the rusk to inevitably come flying off the high-chair. I lunge for it, so I can rewash it and give it back to Leo, but half the time I lose.

I’m going to try and enjoy the night cuddles with my little man and his delight as he discovers the wonders of food. It gives me comfort to know that these phases don’t last and something new (good or bad) will inevitably insert itself into our daily routine shortly.

They say change is as good as a holiday.


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