Dummy Disaster Week

Dummy Disaster Week was the title I had given the week that we removed the dummy from Leo, who is just over two years old.

He is utterly obsessed by his dummies and will carry them around day and night, holding as many as he can find.

He has them stashed all over the house and sucks them regardless of where they have fallen, whether they have sand or no sand, dog hair or no dog hair.

His passion is that great.

He is not so fond of the popped dummies but will take them in a pinch, if his plump and juicy ones are not on hand.

He would cry and scream if we tried to leave them in his bed and at some point go up and get them without our knowledge.

Sometimes I would take him out and be totally surprised when seeing him cruise around with the big, white, happy baby dummy in his mouth.

We knew the time was coming….he was getting older, the attachment seemed to be worsening and the season for cold and flus was heading our way (I’m sure all that hand holding of dummies and floor dropping is not good for preventing disease!). It was time to get him to let his dummy go.

I was dreading it.

So I put it off for a few more weeks.

Let him have his fun.

I spoke happily but with warning of the fairy who would come to take his dummies to give to the babies who really needed them.

I talked to him excitedly about the present it would leave him.

So this Monday, after purchasing said fairy present, I was finally ready.

The lunchtime sleep approached and I hadn’t organised the present and I couldn’t find a dummy…but seizing the opportunity I popped him into bed and closed the door.

All was quiet.

About ten minutes later I was surprised to hear him again. He was calling my name but wasn’t crying. I left him and was rewarded with a few hours of silence.

That night, he was given his presents (two Sophie the giraffes as he was very fond of his original one).

He threw out the Sophies and cried, “Dummy!!” We closed the door and he went to bed.

Till morning.

Tuesday he refused his day sleep but didn’t mention the “d” word. That night he was so tired he went down without fuss.

Ditto Wed day sleep, wed night sleep and Thursday day sleep.

Disaster week never eventuated. We truly don’t give our kids enough credit and we fret over things far too much.

He still won’t touch his new Sophie’s though.

A silent protest, in memorial and respect to his taken dummies.

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