Don’t Worry – No One Has It Together

Comparison is the thief of joy.


There is nothing more disheartening than comparing someone’s success/fortune/body/outfit against your own.

Because in your mind, your world would be perfect if you could just achieve that… perfection… like they have.

What you don’t think of are things like; they might not be as financially viable as you; they may look together but there house may be a disaster; they may not be in a loving marriage; their heart may hurt at night after hearing stories about their children from the nanny.

We can’t step into someones shoes and just take the good.

Because perfection does not exist. What does exist is contentment.

How do you achieve contentment?

Stop judging. Stop comparing. Start complimenting. Start being grateful.

Because everyone is human. You may think some are just lucky but everyone is lucky.

Or everyone is unlucky depending on how we see ourselves.

The person you are bitching about because they snapped at you in the store has gone home to nurse a sick child and has been up for three days straight.

The person you think has everything you ever wanted would love to be snuggled up with a partner who cared about them, just like you are now.

That women with the kick-ass body has had three fertility treatments so far this year, and none of them have worked.

We won’t ever know another person’s story. We won’t ever know all their troubles, struggles and worries because these are not the things put forth into the world.

We are not given a badge that says:
Although I am size 6 ; I’ve lost a child
Although I am good with words; I am laughed at for my lack of common sense
Although I look like I’ve got it together; I was upset this morning because some days I feel like I can’t get anything done
Although I look serene with my children and we are laughing ; I yelled at them so much the other day that we were all crying

Do not use my words to feel guilty about your thoughts.

Use them to propel you forward with appreciation for your life and an immense kindness and understanding in your heart.

Photo by Dana Gallop Galleries


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