Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Today’s Mantra: Life is Short, Live it Up

I went to an amazing concert last night. I have to confess I wanted to go purely because of the venue, I thought Guy Sebastian’s music was alright, but it was at His Majesty’s Theatre that made me hand over the money.

It was everything I expected and more.

He put on a real show. He spoke, he entertained and his voice was even better than the sound from his CD’s (which I actually don’t have but want now). He also did some new stuff that is off a forthcoming album that we all liked straight away. Very rare that an artist plays songs you haven’t heard before and you love them.

Guy Sebastian live

There wasn’t a boring minute. As I was enjoying the concert I kept thinking how disappointing most big artists are to see live. I am a huge Usher fan but I found his concert self-focused and I drifted off quite a bit, organising shopping lists, thinking what I had to do tomorrow etc. He also seemed to pick songs that a lot of the audience didn’t know and didn’t want to hear.

You also can tell that most artist’s version of a show means being someone they’re not, or thinking that we want to see a certain persona. Guy Sebastian seemed very himself last night and very comfortable speaking to the audience on stage. He also spoke about becoming a new Dad which was just gorgeous and played a song that he wrote for his little boy.

Look out for his new album, it’s going to be awesome.


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