Dirty Word

Today’s Mantra: Take one moment at a time

I banned a word i cant stand today.  I told Julian if he said it again he’d be in time out. He looked at me, smiled, and continued to say it. I breathed in, several times, trying to breath out the frustration. I keep telling myself it’s not  that bad, but the mind-numbing repetitiveness is making my skin crawl. It’s not his fault, I reason, I encouraged him to say it.

He didn’t go into time out.

We’re at the park and he is screaming it at the top of his lungs. I warn, I threaten, I look around embarrassed. The heavens open up and we start the mad dash back to our house in pouring rain. His tirade continues. I turn around rain pelting down on the pram, on the dogs, on him, “Julian, if you say Mum one more time…”

We stare each other out. I win. I turn around and continue home.

The next sound I hear is…Nicola…Nicola…Nicola.

I can’t help it. I laugh.

He’s quite proud of himself now.

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