Detox to Retox

I’ve had two coffees this morning.

Ok, I lied. It was two and a half. I started on the third and just had to stop. I was feeling dehydrated and a bit yuck.

You see I was kind of tired from the wine and champagne last night (husband’s belated birthday dinner).

I can’t seem to shake certain habits. The social wine drinking….if only i could be happy with one…and my daily caffeine hit.

You see, for me, the healthy eating is the easy bit. I love trying new things and can stomach just about anything if I know it’s going to benefit my health.

So how come I can’t stop with my vices?

(side note: I just started my research on breaking habits to post here and read that it was demons and evil spirits tying me to these vices! So it’s not really my fault….)

So breaking habits tips:

  • Focus on one at a time
  • Commit (tell people about it)
  • Focus on time goals ie 30, 60, 90 days
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you have a set back
  • Think positive

So….as I am sipping on apple cider vinegar tea, taking chlorella tablets and probiotics to clear out my system, I feel like maybe coffee should be the first to go.

Now I am not committing to breaking up with coffee. I just think coffee and I need some space now that Leo is sleeping through. Coffee and I should no longer be so close.

I am committing to a week without coffee and am going to replace it with lots of green, chai and peppermint tea.

Feel free to join me by telling me about a habit you want to break.



  1. I want to break up with chocolate. I can’t seem to just have a little bit so I think I need to go cold turkey. Unfortunately it’s my emotional eating comfort food of choice. 🙁

    1. That’s an easy one. You can replace it with amazing high cocoa or cocao chocolate and have none of the other stuff in the house. Cocao and cocoa have tons of health benefits and anti-oxidants. You’ll get used to the taste. I love it and can’t imagine eating the other stuff now. My fav is Loving Earth Raw Coconut Milk chocolate. It’s divine and super rich so you can only eat so much 🙂 I started off eating the Green and Blacks organic dark choc one which is available pretty much everywhere and that one is great too.

  2. I was wondering what your take on caffeine and wine were. My bub has just started sleeping through at 14 months – and coffee and red wine (one glass most nights) have been my friends through the haze of sleep deprivation!!! Am feeling like I need a bit of a cleanse – but they are very difficult to part with! Feeling extra guilty as I’m still breastfeeding during the day – but the caffeine doesn’t seem to affect my little guy……fortunately… Have a great weekend 😉

    1. Your friends are my friends 🙂 I seriously doubt you would have any strength to resist being as you had no sleep for 14 months (you’re my hero – i had 8 months and it nearly killed me). I didn’t find caffeine affected Leo either I think that you just need to gage it on your body and your child. The only reason I have the strength to slow down on the caffeine (this week, at least) is because i have discovered a couple of teas that are working for me instead. Green tea and chai still have caffeine so not going through total withdrawal. With the wine I can so relate. I am a one..maybe two every night drinker and it is purely habitual. The organic one shiraz is divine (you can order 6 pack online free shipping) which makes me feel less guilty. Grapes are a highly sprayed crop and you can imagine how many grapes go into a bottle…plus the preservatives and additives used in regular winemaking make it a toxic drop without the alcohol. There is a reason I am going to tackle breaking the wine habit last …. (I could never go cold turkey) but I’d like to have one or two alcohol free nights a week! Good luck to you too, let me know how you go and soo glad you are sleeping through now you must feel like a new woman!

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