Detox Day

Thank god I’m doing it with my friends. This has provided some amusement for us, despite the realities hitting home.

Like, I knew I didn’t get coffee. But actually, not having coffee is hard. I was sitting at the park with some friends, finding it hard to make any conversation. I get like that when I’m tired.

Also prunes and ginger do not make quinoa taste good. Breakfast was hard going, but there was a lot of it. Scared that I’d be hungry later, I finished it.

The green smoothie snack was fine. I couldn’t find artichoke hearts, so I’m quite happy that it was just cucumber, kale, lemon and pineapple in my smoothie. It tasted yum. Ditto the lunch of berries, bannana, almond milk and chia seed, whizzed up into a shake.

Now just have to make it through the kindy Mother’s Day afternoon tea, where we are to be pampered (?) by our children at the Kindy day spa, and then I can have another green smoothie.

My gorgeous hubby is very excited about his vegetable broth dinner and can’t wait to get home this evening. Haha.

I’m not sure that a detox is going to get me to my goal of cutting down coffee and wine. It’s making me realise how nice life is with them!

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