Dear Mamas

Dear Mamas,

You think you should be doing more, being more, giving more. 

You think you need to keep the worries of the world on your shoulders. 

You think that if you drop all the balls you are juggling, you won’t be able to pick them up. 

You think if there is time for you to rest then something hasn’t been done. 

You feel guilt – it rides like waves across the ocean – some big, some small but a constant force – tugging you forward, yet making you feel small. 

Like you are not enough.

But You Are. 

You are doing enough. 

You are doing your best.

You are the definition of love to your children.

So if you take time.

Time to be yourself. Time to do the things you love. Time to just sit and cuddle your children.

The world will not end.

A new world will begin.








  1. Have you just got a whole lot more amazing and more poignant than ever lately, Nicola? Is it my drops? Lol! Or am I just where you are with all your posts? Either way, keep em’ coming, they are beautiful x

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