Today’s Mantra: Dreams do come true

This morning at 7am my husband and I got on the plane, heading to Broome for our first official child free holiday. We got married up here five years ago so it’s a very special place for us.


(Photo by Leon Mead)

This holiday was a surprise for my husband and so I have spent most of the last three months planning it with military-like precision (well, as military as I get). I told the reservation lady, very nicely, which exact room we wanted. We got it. I dropped into the conversation that it was our anniversary(free bottle of wine – thanks Cable Beach) and most importantly our beautiful children are being taken care of by other people. A big thanks to my lovely Mother-in-law and Mum who have one each for the weekend.

It’s just as we imagined. Just as amazing. Just as beautiful. I am living my daydreams.

It’s 37 degrees. I am typing this in a bikini as I lounge by the pool (which is adjacent to our room). I don’t know which relaxing activity to do first so I am doing it all. I’ve written a bit. I have pinned a bit. I have read a bit. I have swum a bit. I have eaten a bit. I have drunk a bit.

Soon it will be sunset and we will be heading to my favourite spot in the world for a cocktail, Cable Beach Club’s Sunset Bar.

Too good.


  1. How exquisite to have time away with your hubby, just the 2 of you. And how exquisite that it is as blissful as you imagined it would be. Enjoy every single delicious, delightful minute of it!

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